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First analysis date: 12/08/2023
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Mobile phone number
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South Korea
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  • YT 11/27/2023 at 02:33 AM


    *You have to be very careful with the WhatsApp fraud mode from this number or calls from this number, because this number is a fraudulent number that will invite you to invest in crypto on and then your money will be cheated on because the platform is a fraudulent crypto platform. So don't believe this telephone number that will get to know you, her name is Kim Hee Sun/Monica who is said to come from South Korea with her Instagram account hee_sun1986 or other names that fraudsters will use this number to invite you to make any type of investment. This number is in collaboration with the Indonesian crypto fraud group.

  • YT 11/27/2023 at 02:33 AM


    The fraudster Kim Korea Hee Sun/Monica who said that he was from South Korea who uses this number pretends to be a successful entrepreneur in the clothing sector and displays photos of a luxurious life on his Instagram account hee_sun1986 based on his Chinese country account where the comments column is closed and will deceive anyone who is invited to invest in crypto on net.tjaxej. com. and in every way to trap you and deceive your money. Once you invest in the platform, the money will no longer be withdrawn/frozen by the fraudulent platform. so be careful with the website or because there is a collaboration between fraudster Kim hee sun(ig hee_sun1986) with the fraudulent platform or


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