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"(833) 974-1276"

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Very bad

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(833) 974-1276

First analysis date: 02/11/2024
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Toll-free phone number
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United States
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  • Mike 02/28/2024 at 03:05 PM


    The person from the number called posed as bank fraud department and found that there was a fraudualant transaction on my bank account which was blocked by the bank. He was not able to give me the whole bank card number but can only identify the first 4 digits which is common to all the bank cards, which identifies the bank institution the card was belong to. He wants to cancel the card and send me a new one. The strange thing was that he called me at a number which I don't normally live at but he said it was on my bank profile which was wrong.
    I asked him to call me back later so I can verify the information with my bank but I didn't tell him that.
    I called my bank as well as their fraud department and they have no record of such transaction or a note indicating so and they don't have an employee number which he told me he has.
    He supposed to call me back later to continue our conversation but he didn't. Perhaps he realized that I detect something and will probably not resulting anything. So be aware of this number. The person identify himself as Oliver Brown and number 833-974-1276.


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